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EMR Analysis & Selection Process

Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMRs) are definitely a buzz phrase these days. You see them mentioned in the news, on the blogs, and now the even a part of regulatory requirements.

The promise: improved patient care, an end to 19th century paper-based record keeping, and finally a way to control the costs and continuity of delivering medical care in the 21st century.

We’re sure you’ve been following the news for at least several years now. Possibly even asking some of your colleagues about EMR or checking out some of the various claims made by the different EMR vendors out there.

But separating the fact from the fiction can be quite the challenge. And the stakes are unbelievably high, particularly for a small to medium-sized practice. A full-blown EMR installation can easily require an investment of tens of thousands of dollars and months of planning, conversion, and training time.

All of that even before you create a single "electronic medical record."

No wonder many operators are somewhat skeptical of all the claims and proceeding with caution.

Pro Ed Continuum will help you “Get Through The EMR Maze." To help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls many practices encounter when considering an EMR system.

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Systems Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Project Management for Implementation
Pro Ed Continuum LLC

Harnessing the energy, ideas
and motivation of individuals
to promote quality of care
and outcomes.