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Harnessing The Energy, Ideas And Motivation Of Individuals To Promote Quality Of Care And Outcomes

Operational Strategies

Pro Ed Continuum’s Comprehensive Performance Improvement solution delivers revenue enhancement and cost reduction improvement opportunities. Our seamless, integrated approach creates exceptional results as we efficiently implement our core competencies of MDs, revenue cycle, non-labor, and Clinical.

Comprehensive Solutions

The core solutions we offer are enriched by extensive experience in the widest range of health care experience.

During Phase One, we rapidly assess a client’s performance and identify improvement opportunities in key areas that are critical to achieving and sustaining high levels of performance.

Phase Two includes simultaneous implementation of priority financial and operational improvements. Our methodology is client-led and driven by specialists that allow leadership and management to leverage their time efficiently so that day-to-day operations are not negatively impacted. Our collaborative approach integrates management and staff into the process to ensure sustainability and continued improvement.

The end result is a fully integrated performance solution that streamlines operations and finances, increases employee and patient satisfaction, improves clinical quality, increases revenue, and reduces cost.

Core Competencies

Reimbursement & Revenue Cycle

Our industry-leading revenue cycle solution redesigns the reimbursement & revenue cycle as an, integrated process and establishes a high-performance work culture to ensure sustainability. This provides a high return on investment while improving patient and physician satisfaction.

  • Resource Utilization & Outcomes Management
  • MDS
  • Reimbursement Strategies
  • Quality Auditing
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Billing & Collections


Pro Ed Continuum provides a comprehensive approaches to non-labor cost reductions uncover more opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies, and we work collaboratively with clients to implement them quickly.

  • Clinical Supply Expense
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Expense
  • Purchased Services Expense

We focus in three main categories: contract negotiation, utilization and standardization. With very deep expertise in contracting and pricing, we identify and implement cost-saving opportunities in supplies and purchased services. We thoroughly examine utilization and standardization of supplies and services.


Our clinical solution encompasses clinical transformation to decrease variability in care practices while ensuring quality outcomes; case management for appropriate length of stay and resource utilization; and clinical documentation to ensure maximum revenue while managing risk. The result is improved quality metrics, cost per case, and reimbursement.

Our clinical solution is an integrated approach to care delivery excellence. This comprehensive approach improves quality, enhances service, reduces cost and increases revenue by aligning people, processes, organizational structure, and technology. Quantifiable results are achieved through reducing resource consumption and decreasing cost per case while ensuring quality outcomes and improving documentation to accurately reflect the acuity of care delivered.

We work collaboratively with all stakeholders, including physician leadership, nursing leadership, clinical documentation managers and staff. As we implement solutions, we work side by side with clients, transferring knowledge.

Pro Ed Continuum LLC

Harnessing the energy, ideas
and motivation of individuals
to promote quality of care
and outcomes.